For the 2021 edition, the GF will donate one euro per participant to the Non-Profit Association "Il sorriso di Car-lotta”, an association created following the premature passing of Carlotta Emilia Bolis, on 24 March 2020, a neurologist doctor and wife of Giulio Molinari, professional triathlete who has been training and living in Livigno since a couple of years.
Carlotta had planned to develop initiatives aimed at bringing top-level doctors to Livigno to carry out visits to the clinic and improve the health care of the Valtellina area.
The Association founded by Giulio Molinari, Livio Molinari, Jacopo Bolis, Gianluca Mario Stefano Albè and Thomas Confortola, operates in the territory of Livigno and Alta Valtellina with the aim of pursuing Carlotta's project.

Discover more: https://ilsorrisodicarlotta.it

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